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Long-Lasting Energy Logs (5lb)

CAD $450.00

These Long-Lasting Energy Logs burn for over 8 hours* and are made from 100% recovered hardwood.

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  • One pack weighs 30lb (6x 5lb)
  • Dimensions per log: 3” x 3” x ~10”.
  • Made from 100% recovered hardwood.
  • An eco-friendly and carbon-neutral alternative to traditional firewood
  • Ideal for all types of fireplace (indoor and outdoor)
  • More heat and a more stable combustion for 8 hours or more*
  • 1 pallet= 3 cords of traditional firewood.


It’s easier to start your fire with our  PureLog Fire Starter. To shop our regular recovered hardwood logs see our PureLog Energy Logs.

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